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Started as a garage studio back in 2009, then moved to a new, better, and bigger space later in 2011, ROEMAHIPONK has spent more than a decade growing, gaining valuable experiences, and developing to be one of the most reliable professional music & audio production partners for many notable musicians and recording artists in Indonesia.


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Do you always want to make music, explore your own sounds, and put it well into records? It can be daunting, but our ROEMAHIPONK engineers are here to assist you every step of the way during your recording project.



We realize that musicians are always full of brilliant ideas. That is why we know that yours needs to be treated specially to its details. Together with ROEMAHIPONK engineers, we will collaborate throughout the entire process to develop a final recording you all are going to be proud of and which your fans will enjoy.


ROEMAHIPONK Music Studio offers all the Music & Audio Production services you need — from Music Production, Audio Post Production, Recording and Mixing-Mastering. Be it for movie, animations, commercial advertisement, or artist-related productions. Contact us to get a quote and start working with the very best professionals in the biz.


These are some of our previous projects.

Our Works


Bintang di Surga

It’s been an honor for us to work with one of the greatest groups in Indonesia, Noah. This one is from the Second Chance project, remaking one of the greatest hits in Indonesian music history, Bintang di Surga. All tracks were mixed by Ivan Gojaya at ROEMAHIPONK.

Rich Brian


This track is from Rich Brian’s first full-length album “AMEN” in 2018. We can still remember how Brian spent a whole day at ROEMAHIPONK finishing his writing, doing workshop, recording, and mixing with Ivan Gojaya.


Kau Yang Tak Pernah Tahu

This is an epic collaboration! Both the legendary musicians, D’MASIV and Fariz RM, released this hot track which represents the nuance of 80s to 90s music. All tracks were mixed by Ivan Gojaya at ROEMAHIPONK.

Weird Genius

Lathi (feat. Sara Fajira)

Weird Genius, booked a session at ROEMAHIPONK to cut some vocal tracks for one of their songs that eventually gained international attention with its appearance at the New York Times Square, Lathi. All Sara’s & YBRAP’s vocal tracks were recorded by Ivan Gojaya and directed by Agustin Oendari.

Mark Natama, Laleilmanino

Jago Cemburu

Indonesia’s most wanted producer-trio, Laleilmanino, surely never stops making great hits. This time, they nailed it with a promising young talent, Mark Natama. All tracks were mixed by Ivan Gojaya at ROEMAHIPONK.


I Like U

This is Nicole Zefanya, now famously known as NIKI. All vocals were recorded at ROEMAHIPONK, assisted by our engineer, Kenzihamria Hermanus, at ROEMAHIPONK. All tracks mixed by Ivan Gojaya.

Krisdayanti & Sandhy Sondoro

Hanya Memuji

After more than seven years being in hiatus, this Indonesian Diva came back with an epic recycled version of Melly Goeslaw’s “Hanya Memuji”, with a duet partner, Sandhy Sondoro. Produced by Laleilmanino, vocal directed by Mohammed Kamga, all vocals were recorded at ROEMAHIPONK by Ivan Gojaya.

Rich Brian


This track was recorded at ROEMAHIPONK and mixed by our chief engineer, Ivan Gojaya. It’s always been an honor for us to take part in such a wonderful project.


whats ur problem

Who doesn’t know Ramengvrl. This is another epic track  from the album “no bethany” in 2019, mixed by Ivan Gojaya at ROEMAHIPONK.

Rich Brian


One of everyone's favorites! All Brian’s vocal track were recorded at ROEMAHIPONK. All tracks in this legendary hit were mixed by Ivan Gojaya.


Blue Jeans

You won’t deny this one super romantic song by Gangga Kusuma. All tracks in Blue Jeans were mixed by Ivan Gojaya at ROEMAHIPONK.


Sabda Rindu

This uprising talent blew us away with her artistry in her collaboration with Indonesia’s most wanted producer-trio, Laleilmanino. All tracks in Sabda Rindu were mixed by Ivan Gojaya at ROEMAHIPONK.

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Galih dan Ratna Official Movie Trailer (9 Maret 2017)
Galih dan Ratna

Galih dan Ratna Official Movie Trailer (9 Maret 2017)

Dua remaja. Penghujung SMA. Cinta pertama. Galih si murid teladan yang punya passion di musik namun belum pernah mengenal cinta. Ratna, si remaja yang mengejar hal-hal instan, namun tak punya tujuan hidup. Perjumpaan berlanjut ke sebuah kisah cinta yang manis, menggebu-gebu dan juga pahit. Cinta pertama yang akan selalu menjadi kenangan yang tidak akan mereka lupakan. Di bioskop 9 Maret 2017. Two teens. Final year of high school. First love. Smart kid Galih has a passion for music but never experienced romance. Ratna always pursues instant gratification, but has no real goal in life. An encounter followed by a love story that is sweet, passionate, and also bitter. A first love story that will be an unforgettable memory. In cinemas 9 March 2017 Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Youtube: Starring Refal Hady & Sheryl Sheinafia Special Appearance Rano Karno & Yessy Gusman Written by Fathan Todjon & Lucky Kuswandi Directed by Lucky Kuswandi "Galih dan Ratna" Performed by Gamaliel Audrey Cantika Written by Guruh Soekarno Putra Courtesy of Sony Music Indonesia Soundtrack available at Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and music stores. Link for online streaming: A 360 Synergy & Nant Entertainment Production Copyright 2017
Dan Kembali Bermimpi - Film Pendek Thriller Karya Jason Iskandar - Official Trailer
Studio Antelope

Dan Kembali Bermimpi - Film Pendek Thriller Karya Jason Iskandar - Official Trailer

International Title: A Trip To Malilo Film Pendek – Thriller 12 menit | Color | 2.35:1 Sinopsis: Satu hari di tahun 2030, dalam pelariannya keluar dari Negara Islam Indonesia, seorang perempuan yang tengah mengandung terjebak dengan kekasihnya yang kasar, serta seorang pastor yang mereka culik untuk menikahkan mereka. Dan Kembali Bermimpi (A Trip To Malilo) adalah film pendek yang merupakan bagian dari omnibus Hukla in Motion. Project Hukla In Motion sendiri digagas oleh Paul Agusta, sutradara dan putra mendiang Leon Agusta. Lewat project Hukla in Motion, Paul mengajak beberapa sutradara dan seniman visual untuk menginterpretasikan karya puisi ayahnya menjadi sebuah karya audio visual. Jason Iskandar kebagian menginterpretasikan sebuah puisi bertajuk Dan Kembali Bermimpi yang ditulis pada tahun 1980. Menurut Jason, kesan pertama yang ia dapatkan setelah membaca puisi itu adalah rayuan gombal seseorang untuk kekasihnya, akan tetapi ketika membaca puisi itu kesekian kalinya, Jason merasa puisi ini seperti tipuan seseorang yang dibungkus dengan kata-kata manis nan manipulatif. Menurut Jason, kata-kata manis nan manipulatif ini tidaklah asing bagi kita. Buaian-buaian ini sebetulnya kerap kita dengar dalam hidup kita sehari-hari, dari teman, pacar, perusahaan pengembang, bahkan sampai negara. Buaian seringkali membungkus mimpi. Mimpi dijual lagi dalam buaian. Lingkaran setan ini membuat kita tak bisa membedakan lagi mana yang mimpi, mana yang ego.